2020 Summer Course Application Form



We are not liable for any damages caused by the following reasons:

•Damages incurred due to the intention or negligence of the student or a third party

•Natural disasters, weather conditions, riots, wars, schedule, or changes resulting in cancellation of contract.

•Isolation or quarantine due to infectious diseases, accidents during free action, food poisoning, theft, or forgotten items

•Delays in transportation, strikes, disconnections, schedule changes caused by any of these, or cancellations

•Non-participation in activities due to delays in meeting or departure locations 


Application for contract (special measures)

1. If you have a physical disability, 2) a health hazard, 3) a pregnant person, 4) any other person who needs special consideration, please 

   inform us where possible.

•Based on the request from students, the cost of special measures taken by the school for the customer will be borne by the student.

•If our school determines that you are in need of a doctor's diagnosis or medical treatment due to illness or other reasons while studying abroad, we will take necessary measures. Any costs associated with this will be borne by the student


Student Responsibilities

•If our school suffers damage due to your intention or negligence, you must compensate ISI for the damage.

•If an accident occurs while studying abroad, please contact us immediately. (If there is a situation where you can not contact, please contact us as soon as the opportunity arises)


Travel Costs

•In addition to tuition, Course fees include entrance fees for activities shown in the schedule and meals provided during extracurricular activities.

•Course fees are not included in the course price, which include accommodation costs, airport transfers, airline tickets, travel expenses from your accommodation to school, travel insurance, and food expenses (excluding meal activities). (Entrance fees and transportation costs for free participation activities will be borne by the student.)

•Any additional costs, like extra food or drinks, for personal usage or due to personal reasons will not be borne by the school.

•We strongly recommend that you take out overseas travel insurance in case of illness, injury or accident while studying abroad.


Privacy Policy/The use of personal information

We will use the personal information provided at the time of inquiries and application for courses to communicate with customers, as well as transport and accommodation in the courses you have applied for We will use it within the scope necessary for the arrangement of services provided by institutions and the procedures for receiving such services.


Activities may be canceled due to unforeseeable events such as weather, unforeseen disasters, and traffic conditions.


Refund Policy