2019 Summer Course Application Form



If the student suffers any damage or loss due to any of the following reasons, our company cannot compensate it:

•Any loss caused by the student’s or a third party’s negligence.

•Cancellation or change of itinerary due to a natural disaster, bad weather, disturbance, war, etc.

•Cancellation or change of itinerary due to an accident, fire etc. occurring during transportation or in accommodation.

•Cancellation or change of itinerary due to an announcement by the government or public offices, infectious disease quarantine, an accident during travel, food poisoning, theft or misplacing property, etc.

•Change of itinerary or shortening of residence due to a delay, strike or interruption of the student’s method of transportation.

•Inability to arrive on time to the departure area or a meeting place due to the student’s own delay.

Application of the contract (special measures)

•Those with disabilities, health problems,  pregnancy or any other special considerations may ask for extra support. We will respond to the student’s enquiry the best we can, but if we need to take some special measures the expenses will be borne by the student.

•If the student becomes ill during the course, or any other circumstance which requires medical treatment occurs, we will take all necessary measures. All related expenses will be borne by the student.

Student’s responsibility

•If our company suffers any loss due to the student’s negligence, we will expect compensation for the damage.

•If an accident occurs during the course, please contact us or the school immediately (if you cannot get in contact right away, please contact us at the earliest opportunity).

Travel fees

•Tuition fees, meals and entrance fees to tourist facilities (that appear in the schedule) are included in the course fees.

•Accommodation fees, airport pick-up fees, plane tickets, commuting to school, travel insurance, additional food expenses, optional activities, etc. are not included in the course fee and expenses must be borne by the student.

•Additional food and beverages at meal times are not included. The student must buy their own.

•In anticipation of any possible sudden illness, injury or accident while traveling, we strongly recommend you buy travel insurance. 

Privacy policy

Student’s personal information use.
The personal information the student provides us when applying for a course or contacting us will be used to contact the student, for transportation and accommodation services, and for any procedures involved in said services.

Activities May Be Cancelled due to Bad Weather, Natural Disasters, Transport Delays or Other Unavoidable Circumstances.


Refund Policy